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Dec 01

[ARCHIVED] Bentley Hill Bakehouse

The original item was published from December 1, 2021 6:34 PM to December 2, 2021 9:41 AM

Charlevoix Main Street (CMS) sat down with the brains and beauty behind Bentley Hill Bakehouse, Michelle Gank, to learn more about what makes this little bakery such a special place in downtown Charlevoix! 

Located at 113 Antrim Street, this charming stop offers both convenience and unrivaled tastiness. With 5 star reviews all around, you know you're making the right choice! 

* Woman-owned small business

* Participates in the Charlevoix Downtown Dollars Gift Card program

FUN FACT:  Bentley Hill Bakehouse got its name from the historic schoolhouse that the owners call home.

A quote from the article written about them in Northern Express reads:

(They) had already purchased the old Bentley Hill Schoolhouse in Atwood, which, ironically, was no longer on Bentley Hill, but in another location; the plan for the schoolhouse was to remodel it into a residence.    

“While we were working on that, Mike and I were talking about maybe brewing beer at home,” Rogner said. “The word brewhouse turned into bakehouse, and that’s where the name came from.”

CMS: How long have you been in business?

Michelle: We opened our original location on Bridge St in July of 2018 and moved to our Antrim St. location in March of 2020.Bentley Hill webad

CMS: Why did you want to be a small business owner?

Michelle: We wanted to be small business owners to have more autonomy than working for someone else. We also feel that we have something to offer the community!

CMS: Why did you choose to open a business downtown Charlevoix?

Michelle: We chose to open our bakery in Downtown Charlevoix because there was gaping hole where a bakery should be! A bakery is so integral to small towns and we knew we could fill that need.

CMS: Tell me a little bit about your business.

Michelle: Bentley Hill Bakehouse is a small batch bakery.  A small batch bakery means we literally make our products in small batches. It prevents waste, we can use the freshest ingredients, and we have limited storage space so it works well for us.

CMS: What do you enjoy most about living and working in the Charlevoix area?

Michelle: We love living in the Charlevoix area because it is just so full of natural beauty and we really enjoy being part of a small community.

CMS: What is something unique about your store/business?

Michelle: We aren't unique at all LOL

CMS interjection: WHAT? You have THE MOST delicious scones on the planet, among other incredible goodies! bentley hill michelle

CMS: How would you describe downtown Charlevoix?

Michelle: Quaint and overpriced.  :)

CMS: How has Main Street helped your business?

Michelle: Main Street has helped our business by making us aware of grant and funding opportunities that we wouldn't normally find on our own; we received a small grant at the start of our business last year and it helped us get on our feet (especially helpful reopening a business during a pandemic)!

CMS: What’s your favorite thing about your business?

Michelle: My favorite thing about our business is the ability to make people happy, especially when someone tries an item that brings back memories. We had a group of ladies in last summer who tried a dessert and it brought tears while they reminisced about their lateYaYa (grandmother). 

CMS: What’s your favorite Charlevoix event?

Michelle: My favorite Charlevoix event is ShadowFest!

What customers are saying:

Their maple pecan scones are amazing! - Amy Bascom

Regardless of whether I’m indulging in cookies, scones, muffins, or cake, I’ve never been disappointed at Bentley Hill Bakehouse. Exceptional quality of baked goods and customer service! When we had a guest from England we opted to order pasties. He was amazed and said “These are the real deal!” You can’t go wrong at Bentley Hill Bakehouse. - Susan Morris

Bentley Hill Bakehouse not only came thru at the last minute, she delivered a beautiful, wonderful, delicious, wedding cake.  Whether you are looking for a yummy maple cinnamon roll or an elegant wedding cake, Bentley Hill Bakehouse is the place! - Melissa Schroeder

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DID YOU KNOW: In the fall and winter months, Bentley Hill Bakehouse offers up a delicious daily lunch menu that consists of Pasties, Pizza Pockets, a variety of soups, chicken pot pies, and more. They also offer up seasonal specialties like Stollen, pies for Thanksgiving. On top of all that they make impressive custom order cakes and cupcakes for any occasion.