45 Day Extended Slip Rental

Beginning in 2023, the Marina will allow up to 12 of our reservable slips to be rented for a 45-day period during the spring and fall. Interested boaters should read the 45 Day Extended Slip Rental Policy. If interested, please fill out the Application and follow the Conditions and Terms. You may also see the 2023 Calendar for dedicated days.

If more than 12 applications are received, all applications will be placed in a lottery and drawn three days after the due date listed below.

Spring applications (May 14 - June 27) are due by December 2, 2022.

Fall applications (August 14 - September 27) are due by January 6, 2023.

Payment in full is due 30 day after application is accepted.

Questions may be directed to 231-547-3253.