Master Plan

The City of Charlevoix Land Use Master Plan serves as a guiding document for the future development of the city. A document created with the community vision of residents and businesses alike, the plan sets programmatic goals for city activities and recommendations for planning and zoning actions.

City of Charlevoix 2022 Master Plan Receives Final Adoption 

The City Council adopted the final 2022 Master Plan on November 21, 2022. To view the plan please Click here.

Why Update the Master Plan?

The City of Charlevoix Master Plan is updated for a variety of reasons. State law requires master plans be reviewed every five years with determination of whether to amend the master plan or create a new one. Having a comprehensive master plan can be a required component in some state-wide programs, such as the Redevelopment Ready Communities program. But most importantly, our Master Plan is updated to be responsive to the community's vision for Charlevoix.

City of Charlevoix Land Use Master Plan 2022