Current Contracts

2022/2023 Contracts

A list of current contracts related to the management of the DDA District and services provided by Charlevoix DDA.
  • Baruczini - Winterization and start up of Interactive Water Feature
  • Behan - Window cleaning for Bridge Park Building
  • Bill's Farm Market - holiday greenery & light installation
  • Charlevoix Area Chamber of Commerce - Supporting downtown events
  • Charlevoix Public Library - $30,000 Annual Contribution
  • Conway System Specialists - Public Restroom Cleaning
  • Holiday Lighting - Maintenance and replacement of tree lights
  • Maestro Community Manager - Data Collection, Project Management
  • Main Street America Accredited Member Trademark Sublicense 
  • Mobile Town Guide - Life in Charlevoix Mobile App
  • Northwest Rentals, LLC - property management for Bridge Park Building
  • Sound Environments - Bandshell lighting installation & removal
  • Yifttee, Inc. - Downtown Dollars eGift Card Program