Customer Renewable Energy Projects

The City of Charlevoix offers its customers the opportunity to generate their own electricity and support renewable energy.  Any City electric customer can install a renewable energy system (either solar or wind), connect to the City electric grid, and send surplus electricity back to the grid if generation exceeds use.  Any surplus that is sent back to the grid is metered and the City pays the customer back for it.  The rate at which the City pays is set rate determined by City Council, with the exclusion of demand customers, which is decided on a case-by-case basis. 

Prior to beginning work on a system, the customer must submit a proposed Renewable Energy Generator Metering Agreement to the City Electric Department for evaluation.  The customer and the City will then work out the Generator Interconnection Requirement for the proposed system.  For any project 10kw or smaller, the Expedited Generator Interconnection Requirement may be used.  The Electric Department is currently working to update these forms.  Please contact John Griffith to obtain a current copy.

 For more information, please contact John Griffith at