Business Incentives

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Business Counseling

Complimentary business counseling on a variety of issues is available through the Small Business Development Center and SCORE.

Business Resources (online learning tools, templates, how-tos)

  • MEDC Initiate -  this online learning portal provides small businesses access to valuable resources to help them grow and thrive in today’s economy.
  • Main Street Online Tool - Build, Grow, and Boost Your Small Business Online
    Navigating how to effectively start or develop your business online can be overwhelming. We are here to help guide you through this process by identifying the best solutions for your unique e-commerce needs and providing you with a roadmap to implement an effective online strategy.

City of Charlevoix Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program

Ready to start your project? 

Follow these 3 simple steps. 

  • Step #1: Request Pre-Approval To ensure that your project is eligible. 
  • Step #2: Complete Your Project  
  • Step #3: Get Your Cash Incentive

Click here for more information and to apply.

Optimize Main Street Grant

Optimize Main Street is a pilot program that will support place-based businesses located in select or master level Michigan Main Street districts by providing technology-related technical assistance and grant funding. By expanding technology expertise and the use of digital tools, participating businesses will aim to refine efficiency in business operations, improve connectivity to customers, and/or increase sales. The Optimize Main Street program is implemented through a combination of one-on-one business coaching, a customized learning module, and up to $2,500 in a technology grant.

Commercial Redevelopment District

Public Act 255 of 1978 encourages the replacement, restoration, and new construction of commercial property by abating the property taxes generated from new investment for a period up to 12 years. As defined, commercial property means land improvements whether completed or in the process of construction, the primary purpose and use of which is the operation of a commercial business enterprise. Mixed-use developments maybe eligible, but the abatement will only apply to the commercial potion of the property. Land and personal property are not eligible for abatement under this act.

 Types of commercial property enterprises include:

  • Engineering
  • Office
  • Parts distribution
  • Research and development
  • Retail sales
  • Warehousing

For more information, please view the Commercial Facilities Exemption Certificate Policy (PDF).

Entrepreneurial Toolkit

Review the Entrepreneurial Toolkit for the Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (PDF).

Match on Main Grant

“Match on Main” is a reimbursement grant program, provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, for small businesses located in Select or Master level Michigan Main Street communities. Up to $30,000 is available for eligible businesses and requires a 10% cash match. This grant program will provide funding to Select or Master level Michigan Main Street programs to support small business owners as they explore ways to improve the interior space. The goal of Match on Main is threefold:

  • to strengthen small business through working with the local Main Street program and through consulting with the Small Business Development Center thus making the business more sustainable for the long term,
  • to reactivate underutilized and vacant commercial space in MMS districts, and
  • To grow the Community’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by supporting place-based businesses that fit within the Main Street Program’s strategy and priorities.

For more information, please view the Match on Main Grant page.

Redevelopment Liquor License

Redevelopment Liquor License (PA 501)To encourage cities to enhance their quality of  life for their residents and visitors to their communities, the Liquor Control Commission may issue public on-premises licenses in addition to those quota licenses currently allowed in those cities.  Eligible businesses must be:

  •  Located in an established business district, or redevelopment area
  • Have spent at least $75,000 in building improvements
  • Must have a seating capacity of at least 25 people
  • Among other requirements

For more information, please view the Redevelopment Liquor License (PDF).

Redevelopment Services Team  

The Redevelopment Services Team (RSTeam) is the next frontier of the Redevelopment Ready Communities® (RRC) program with experienced and dedicated staff focused on a proactive approach to site redevelopment. Upon RRC certification, communities gain the expertise of the RSTeam focused on proactive site redevelopment on their priority Redevelopment Ready Sites (RRsites). The team is built upon three foundational focus areas as we engage with each certified RRC community:

  • High-quality and in-depth technical assistance
  • RRSites marketing and promotion
  • Developer relationship building and matchmaking


  • Site analysis
  • RFP/RFQ development
  • Site design
  • Environmental assessments
  • Marketing assistance
  • Developer matchmaking events
  • Design/Build Scenarios