Donations to the City 

Many residents of Charlevoix have honored loved ones, marriages, and other milestones by offering gifts and donations to the City of Charlevoix. These are treasured assets throughout our community!

Bench Donations

 If you would like to honor a milestone or event and show your appreciation to Charlevoix, consider donating a memorial bench. Details on the process can be found in the brochure on the right. For more details on donating a bench, call Liz Anderson, 231-547-3276, at the Public Services Facility for more information. Examples of the bench options can be found below.

General Donations

To ensure the character of the community is maintained for all and to appropriately consider the generosity of donors toward the City, the City Council first adopted a Donation Acceptance Policy in 2013 and revised it most recently in 2022.  If you or your organization are interested in making a donation to the City, we recommend you consult the policy or even better, call the City Manager's office at 231-547-3270.  We can confidentially discuss your donation goals and guide you through the process.

Donation Opportunity Information

Memorial Benches