Property tax information is available online. This is public information and users may use the Parcel Search  to search by Parcel ID, name of property owner, or address.

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Assessment Change Notices

Notices of assessment change are mailed the end of February. This notice indicates the assessed value and taxable value for the year in which it is set. Property owners who feel that their property has not been properly assessed may appeal to the Board of Review, which meets the second week of March each year. The City of Charlevoix encourages that appointments be made, but this is not required. As an alternative, property owners may appeal their assessment by mail. 

All appeals must be received no later than close of the last meeting of the March Board of Review. The meeting dates and times of the local Board of Review are also included in the notice. The Board encourages applicants to provide any information and documents available to support the claim of an improper assessment, such as a recent appraisal and comparative property sales.

Board of Review Protests

The City of Charlevoix encourages all taxpayers to contact the City Assessor,  before any protest to the Board of Review. The Board generally does not make decisions at the time of the appointment. Applicants will be notified of the Board's decision within 30 days by mail.

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