Nuisance Ordinance

Charlevoix prides itself as being a clean, well kept community for the benefit of our residents and visitors. The City has provisions in both the zoning ordinance and the health regulations requiring property owners to maintain their property and kept free of nuisances. Title IX, General Regulations, Chapter 91: Health and Sanitation; Nuisances  Ordinance can be viewed here, Click here.  Here are a few quick reminders about maintaining your property:

  • Cut your lawn at least once every three weeks. The City Code states that both grasses and weeds should not be allowed to grow above twelve" in height.
  • Those who keep vehicles on their property must keep two things in mind: - Vehicles must have a valid and current license. - Vehicles must be in operable condition.
  • If a vehicle does not meet both of these requirements, it must be removed from your property, or moved indoors.
  • Take a quick survey of your property and look for any scrap, tires, broken machinery, junk, or other rubbish that may be lying around. Make plans to move these items inside a building or off your property as soon as possible.
  • If you have building materials on your property, you must also display a valid building permit from the Charlevoix County Building Department.
  • Remember that any unsecured building or structure can become a prime spot for wild animals seeking shelter. Make sure to guard buildings on your property by securely shutting windows and doors, and ensuring that animals cannot gain entry through holes in the siding, foundation, or roof.
  • Do not throw oils, wastes, or derivatives of either on the ground, and take special care when depositing anything in a gutter - storm drains lead directly to Round Lake or Lake Charlevoix.