Development Plan Review

Development plan review is covered by Section 5.188 in the zoning ordinance. This review is necessary for any new: 

  • Additions
  • Changes to building elevations in any zone except R-1 or R-2
  • Construction
  • Enlargements

Development plan review may also be required for grading taking place in any zone or changes in use that requires additional parking.

Determining What Will Be Required for Development Plan Review

The City Planning Office can help you determine what would be required for development plan review and assist applicants with that process. Landowners and tenants within 300 linear feet of a proposed development are notified of the project via mail. The Planning Commission reviews the project for compliance with the zoning ordinance and forwards a recommendation on to City Council, who is the final decision maker. For more information on the development plan review process please contact the Planning Office and review Section 5.188 of the zoning ordinance.