Construction Updates

Mason Street Project

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Mason Street Project

Update as of 6/19:

This week Elmer's will be working on paving the road, putting down brick pavers, and doing landscaping. The final/top course of pavement is due to be finished by the 28th of June.


Some of the City’s most critical infrastructure is tied to the 100 block of Mason Street. A very large storm sewer line runs under the street and is currently undersized for future improvements needed in neighborhoods to the west of downtown. Aging infrastructure in this block and around it is in need of improvement; failing to do so now increases the risk of an unplanned closure for repair. This project will complete the improvement of cross streets into Bridge Street and will facilitate a smoother reconstruction of Bridge Street at some point in the future when MDOT does that work.


When completed in late June, the 100 block of Maon Street and the adjacent parking lot and alley to the north will be completely reconstructed. This will include full restoration after the construction of this spring's DTE gas line installation, all new underground City utilities, mostly new sidewalks, new asphalt road, and parking lot surface, and the installation of landscaping, trees, brick pavers, and other aesthetic improvements. Several years ago, the City and DDA jointly conducted a study of the alley corridor behind the buildings on the west side of Bridge Street. This Alley Corridor Vision and Implementation Plan provides the basis for the improvements in the parking lot, alley, and aesthetic improvements in the roadway of Mason Street. The bioswales and other underground improvements will reduce the stormwater discharged into Round Lake and improve the water quality. EV charging stations will also be included with new parking lot lights. In total, this project will cost about $1.6 million. While inconvenient, spring construction provides the best weather and working conditions and is less impactful than summer or fall construction.

Bridge Street Street Lighting Project

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Work to begin Fall of 2023. 

Van Pelt Alley Utility Project

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Starting April 25th, the north/south section of Van Pelt from Park to Van Pelt (east/west) will be closed to traffic to install electric conduits. The estimated time is three days.  Screenshot 2023-04-24 155037

DTE Project

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As of May 11th:

DTE Pipeline Tests Will Produce Visible Flares 

DTE Energy is making natural gas pipeline upgrades in our area to ensure the continued safe and reliable delivery of natural gas. As part of the work, the project team is scheduled to conduct controlled gas “flares” during the morning/early afternoon on: 

  • May 11 on State Street, outside City Hall.  
  • May 16 at the north of the intersection of State St & Mason St. 

If you’re nearby, you may see a 10-20-ft.-high flame, lasting an hour or less. You also may smell a slight rotten-egg-like odor and hear a low roaring sound. This is a routine procedure, and your natural gas service will not be interrupted.  

DTE and its contractor will set up equipment near the respective locations. Crews will monitor the sites and flares throughout the entire process. Local police and fire department officials have been notified and will provide support as needed. Flares pose no harm to people or animals, but you should avoid the site.   

As always, if you believe you detect a natural gas leak at your property, err on the side of safety and leave the area immediately, dial 911, then call DTE’s dedicated natural gas leak hotline at 800.947.5000. If you have general or non-emergency questions about this work in Charlevoix, call 231.753.7229, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please leave a message and we will return your call within two business days. 

As of May 4th:

Paving of E. Dixon and 31 along with the alley behind Smoke on the Water is scheduled to take place tomorrow.  They will finish up on Saturday if need be and all traffic control should be down by Late Saturday or Sunday.

On the 11th of May and the 16 of May, they plan on “flaring off” the new gas line somewhere in front of City Hall. They will need to shut down State St. basically from Antrim to Clinton while this activity takes place. Sounds like it will only be for 45 minutes or so each time.  

The entire project is slated to be completed and cleaned up by May 20th.

As of April 26th

The intersection of State and Mason and Park Avenue between Bridge and State will be closed tomorrow and Friday for paving. 

As of April 13th:

The asphalt work to finish off the last bits of restoration from last fall’s phase, on Park, is scheduled for April 24th.  With all of the concrete/sidewalk/curb/gutter completed this week on that stretch, the asphalt work and the soil and seeding of the medians and rights of way we disturbed (scheduled for Monday next week to begin) should finish all of the necessary restorations from phase 1.  The new regulator station by the library had the fences/gates installed this week and the bollard covers have been replaced, so that work is now done as well.

As the city gets its schedule set for its Mason St project, Jerry is coordinating the necessary road detours with the remaining work we will have to finalize the new gas line along Bridge.  During May, we will have a couple of points where we will need to close State, near the fire dept/city hall, to flare off the gas as we pickle the new gas main…similar to what was done last fall.  

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