Master Plan

The City of Charlevoix Land Use Master Plan serves as a guiding document for the future development of the city. A document created with the community vision of residents and businesses alike, the plan sets programmatic goals for city activities and recommendations for planning and zoning actions.

City of CharlevoiCity of Charlevoix Master Plan Logox 2021 Master Plan Update

The City of Charlevoix's  Planning and Zoning department and Planning Commission are working with community stakeholders to create the 2021 Master Plan update. Be sure to pay attention to City of Charlevoix social media accounts, news alerts, newsletters, and Planning Commission public agendas for more information on the master plan process and how you can be a part of it!

Why Update the Master Plan?

The City of Charlevoix Master Plan is updated for a variety of reasons. State law requires master plans be reviewed every five years with determination of whether to amend the master plan or create a new one. Having a comprehensive master plan can be a required component in some state-wide programs, such as the Redevelopment Ready Communities program. But most importantly, our Master Plan is updated to be responsive to the community's vision for Charlevoix.

When will the Master Plan Update Occur? 

The master plan update will occur monthly throughout 2021. To see the review of the old master plan and new updates in action, please join us in our monthly Planning Commission meetings. The Planning Commission meets the second Monday of every month at 6pm in City Council Chambers. Agenda packets can be found here.

How You Can Help:

Community Engagement Session

A community engagement session will be scheduled to gain feedback and understanding of the community's perception of current development and land use trends in Charlevoix, as well as gaining insight toward desired improvements and services.

This event will be scheduled soon, so please stay tuned!

Master Plan Community Survey

A survey supplements our Master Plan update efforts.  While we are looking to get a physical survey out to you in the mail, we also have a digital survey available for your convenience. Those who are able to are encouraged to take the Master Plan Community Survey. By fully completing the survey, you are helping to add your voice to the goals, strategies, and direction that guides the City of Charlevoix. 


To Take the Master Plan Community Online Survey, please click here, or enter the link below: 

Photo Submissions

A solid master plan will reflect the goals and vision community it plans for. We would like to take it a step further and actually include our community in the plan! Photos that would be appreciate include:

  • Families enjoying recreation events or parks
  • Landscapes of our natural features
  • Vibrant downtown photos
  • Outside photos of housing, including single family, duplex, triplexes, fourplexes, apartments/condos
  • Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Any other creative or artistic photos that capture our community

Please send photo submissions to our planner, Jennifer Neal at with the subject "Photo Submission for Master Plan"

We cannot guarantee all photos submitted will be used.