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After a constructive conversation with our members on safely returning to our facility, we have drafted the following operational policy considering the recommended guidelines from Governor Whitmer’s MI Safe Start program. The following procedures are encouraged to ensure our members have a safe working environment that they can trust. 

The entire office space has been converted to either private offices or dedicated desk cubicles, including the conference room that will be converted into dedicated desk cubicles to allow members more personal space. This ensures that there is a minimum of 6ft around each seat that will be clearly marked to define the area. Each individual area will only be in use by the member who has chosen it. 

Drop-In memberships are no longer  an  option, and monthly  membership is encouraged by offering better value for money.  However, weekly options are still available with those members restricted to our converted overflow area. 

Visitors  may  only  access  the  building  when  escorted  by  a  member. 

 Visitors  should also be kept to the absolute minimum. 

Everyone, including visitors, entering The Vault  needs to check in via the proximity app

 All logins and membership management will be taking place on personal devices. This enables us to have an accurate log  of  people  using  the  space  that  members  will  also  be  able  to  keep  track of so  that  they  can  make educated decisions depending on their circumstances. 

Anyone entering The Vault is required to wear a mask when in and walking through public areas-including members and visitors. Each  workspace  will  be  equipped with sanitization spray  to  give members  control  over  their area.  Members are also encouraged to restrict their refreshments to their desk areas as the kitchen facilities will be suspended until they can resume safely. 

The public  areas  such  as  the  entrance and  bathrooms  will  be  sanitized daily.  Hand  sanitizer  will  be provided at the entrance to the building, at each sink, and at the printer.. Any mail received will be transferred to the mail area and will be available to pick up, however you must check in to do so. 

Please refrain from touching your face, and wash hands with hot soap and water for at least 30 seconds. All expected practices will be posted through out the office with reminders to help us all adjust to the new normal and give clear guidelines for safe practices. 

We reserve the right to make any changes to this policy that are deemed necessary in order to ensure the safety of our members.