Filing Petitions for Elected Officials

Running for Office

A non-partisan general City election is held on the Tuesday immediately following the first Monday of November in every year.  A primary election, if needed, shall be held on the Tuesday immediately following the first Monday in August.  Both the Mayor and Council Members are elected to two-year terms.

Registered electors seeking the office of Mayor must file nominating petitions bearing the bona fide signatures of no fewer than 25 nor more than 40 registered voters residing in the City at large.  Electors seeking the office of Council Member will do the same, but voters must reside within their respective Ward.  Such petitions shall be filed with the City Clerk’s office. 

Ward Map 

If, for any office, there should be more than two nominations, a primary election will be held.  The names of the two candidates receiving the most votes at the primary shall be placed on the ballot for that office in the general election.

Write-in  candidates must file the Declaration of Intent forms for the November general election.  Please contact the Clerk for additional information and deadlines.  

Contact the Clerk for a candidate package if you are interested in running for office. 

August 2023 Primary Election

There is no August 2023 Primary Election scheduled for the City of Charlevoix.