Water Treatment Plant


The City of Charlevoix operates a Direct Filtration Water Treatment Facility which uses water from Lake Michigan. The Water Plant has a capacity of 3 million gallons per day, the water enters the plant through a submerged intake structure and 24 inch pipe. Storage includes a one million gallon above ground reservoir at the plant, and a 300,000 gallon elevated water tower on Charlevoix’s north side. The city serves approximately 5,000 customers and areas of adjoining Charlevoix Township, as well as, the influx of summer visitors to the area. Present flow rates vary from 400,000 gallons per day to as much as 2.5 million gallons per day in the summer. 

Plant Information

The Water Treatment Plant was built in 1985 and went online in 1987. The facility is staffed by state licensed operators. The water plant consist of many subsystems for ensuring water quality and informing operators of plant efficiency. The City of Charlevoix continues to make Water Plant improvements, in 2017 a 450 KW generator was installed to ensure operations in the event of a power outage and to ensure fire suppression. In 2018 we will be upgrading eight large valves as Phase One of Filter Rehabilitation which will take place in 2019.

Average Water Hardness

A frequently ask question is how hard is my water? The average hardness is 140mg/l or 9.8 grains per gallon.

Plant Tour Information

Tours are part of our community outreach effort and environmental education program to teach conservation and keep our customers informed.

Water Quality Report

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2019/2020 Monthly Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Results

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More Information call the Water Filtration Plant at 231-547-3256 for additional information.